Gwynn Murrill at work

 Though she’s not on the artists’ studio tours this year, Gwynn Murrill has some great pieces up for grabs at this year’s Venice Art Walk & Auctions. First, she donated one of her stunning maquettes for the annual art raffle. The winner will be drawn on Sunday, May 23, and will have their choice of Dog or Cat,  standing roughly 6 inches high and cast in bronze. (Raffle tickets available at 310.392.9255 or on the day of the event.)

Murrill’s work bridges figurative and abstract sculpture. Represented by LA Louver, she has been donating her work to the Venice Art Walk & Auctions for nearly 20 years. Her style has evolved from large wood block sculpture to stone and marble and finally to the bronze casts for which she is known today.

And for all those who love her work but aren’t lucky enough to win the sculpture, they can take home an official Venice Art Walk & Auctions t-shirt, adorned with images of Dog and Cat, at $20 each.


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