Geraldine Neuwirth’s creative passion

Geraldine Neuwirth is new to the Venice Art Walk & Auctions artists’ studio tours but she’s a long-time Venice resident and a maven of abstract art. Her newest works on paper and mixed-media incorporate circus-like theatrical elements in black and white or various vivid colors. Geraldine kindly allowed us a sneak preview of her studio and let us flip through some of her work as we attempted to take it all in.

She smiled kindly as I asked, a bit naively, about why she chooses to work and live in Venice. “The people, the creative thinkers that are here, the joy and spirit of the place, the passion–really the light is incredible,” she tells me. “It’s important to live here.”

I couldn’t help asking for a shot of this amazing piece–Lotus Heart. It spans an entire wall.  I had to choose a spot since it didn’t fit into the frame; but that’s just what Geraldine wanted to see. She watched to see what I picked out, where my eyes focused.

“It’s about the behind-the-scenes energy that exists, deeper than what you see on the surface,” she tells me.

Lotus Heart-Geraldine Neuwirth


3 responses to “Geraldine Neuwirth’s creative passion



  2. i am mesmorized by the magic of geraldine neuwirth’s work ..i have one of her earlier pieces which is a beauty…but her new work is very exciting

  3. art collectors, we have a few pieces by neuwirth, and there isn’t a moment when walking past them, or sitting and looking, that we aren’t moved by the musicality of her work, the depth of joy for all to bathe in, and the searching within. we’re lucky. she’s GOOD.

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