Lemonade stand at Venice Art Walk & Auctions

Meet Dylan.

Dylan’s mom,  Nicola Goode, was one of the artists featured on the studio tours this year during the event. Instead of watching mom this year, 6-year old Dylan decided to get involved.  So on the morning of Venice Art Walk & Auctions,  he got up early and set up a lemonade stand just inside Nicola’s studio.

Dylan, the budding entrepreneur that he is, charged $1 for a glass of lemonade and donated all proceeds to Venice Family Clinic (he assures me he provided great customer service, offering extra ice if desired).

Apparently he was tough to resist; Dylan donated $60 to Venice Family Clinic at the end of the day. The photo is of Dylan and his collections box after donating all his hard-earned cash.

“I thought it sounded like a lot of fun,” Dylan told me during his first interview. A kindergartener, Dylan was really excited to do something for a good cause, he also has big plans for next year. “Maybe cookies too,” he tells me.

“People were so receptive,” mom, Nicola, told me. She pointed out that not everyone who comes to the event can afford to buy art but at just $1,  Dylan’s lemonade stand gave them another way to donate on a smaller scale.

Thanks Dylan and Nicola (and Eric Gero for snapping the shot)! To see Nicola’s work, check out: http://www.nicolagoode.com/


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